Body Sensor Networks Development Kit 

A BSN platform for rapid prototyping the design and development of BSN applications. The minimiaturised size and low power design enables development of light-weight wearable devices. The stackable design supports integration of different sening modailities. The Bluetooth Smart (BLE) transceiver enables seamless integration with smartphones and mobile devices.

  • Stackable design
  • ARM Cortex M0 32-bit Processor
  • 275uA/MHz running from flash memory
  • 150uA/MHz running from RAM
  • 256kB embedded flash
  • Bluetooth SMART transceiver (reconfigurable as customized wireless network)
  • Data rate: 250kbps, 1Mbps, 2Mbps
  • 13mA RX, 10.4mA TX (0dBm)
  • AES HW encryption
  • RTC
  • 8/9/10 bit ADC
  • 9-axes IMU