At the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition 2015, we have launched the beta release of a brand new lifestyle app, ActiveMiles, which monitors personal activity and promotes behavioural change. ActiveMiles enables users to quantify and improve their wellbeing using a normal Android smartphone. The app includes automatic detection and monitoring of general activity (whether running, walking, travelling etc.), goal-setting and performance sharing with friends, GPS tracking, geolocation, and monitoring diet through barcode and image recognition. The app is also ideal for charity campaigns and fund-raising, where users can provide supporting retailers with QR codes of their recent activity in return for a discount for certain purchases.

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While stocks last, we'll be giving away our step counting bodyyouknow badges to anyone who downloads the ActiveMiles app and shows us the code from the app.

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There's more information about ActiveMiles and our badge in the What can I do? section of the website or you can come and find us at The Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition to ask us more questons!