There's less than one week to go until the Royal Society's Summer Science Exhibition! Over at The Hamlyn Centre, Imperial College London, the pressure is mounting up. The team has been working day and night to get all the demos and freebies completed before the event. Behind the scenes, Bruno is masterminding the process with a small team of student volunteers making 500 (or 487 to be precise - he ran out of components for the last 13 units) smart badges. The badge is integrated with a motion sensor that counts body movements and changes the colour of a light emitting diode (LED) after a set number of movements are completed. These movements include walking, running, dancing and other activities, depending on the location of the badge on the body. This will be used to teach school children about how a motion sensor works and about the principles behind the electronic circuit. We will also use the badge to explain how binary code works, to describe how to mix colours (electronically), and, finally, to introduce the story behind the invention of LEDs (which eventually led to the 2014 Nobel Prize in Physics)!

Click this link to see how you can make a simple pedometer and come to visit us at the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition to learn how to improve the circuitry!




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Event date: 
Wednesday, June 24, 2015 - 09:00