RSX 2015 - How much do you know about your body?

The latest wearable technologies are transforming our understanding of our health, from biomotion to behavioural and physiological changes. Miniaturisation and cost reduction brought about by the semiconductor industry have made it possible to create computers that are smaller in size than a pin head, powerful enough to carry out the processing required, and affordable enough to be considered disposable. By using body as the medium, inspiration and a source of energy to provide continuous sensing, monitoring and intervention, we demonstrate how body-sensor-networks are transforming healthcare and wellbeing.

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“The Body You Know” Improving healthcare outcomes: Is it time to let the sensors do the talking?
In addition to learning about wearable and implantable sensors at the Summer Science Exhibition, there are also many other amazing works on display to cater for a wide range of interests!
At the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition 2015, we have launched the beta release of a brand new lifestyle app, ActiveMiles, which monitors personal activity and promotes behavioural change. ActiveMiles enables users to quantify and improve their wellbeing using a normal Android smartphone....
We'll be at Royal Society's Summer Science Exhibition with some of our latest gadgets from 30th June - 5th July. Come to visit us! The Summer Science Exhibition is an annual display of the most exciting cutting-edge science and technology in the UK. This week-long festival features 22 exhibits from...
The Future of Digitisation, Automation, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics - listen to the keynote by Prof Guang-Zhong Yang